About Us

The Eco Yoga Park is one of the major world headquarters of a large international chain of ecological villages that exist in more than 25 countries, which continue to establish themselves in order to create an ideal space in connection with nature, "and in this way offer a unique chance to go deep into practices such as Yoga and Meditation, discover the richness of organic feed and learn about sustainable alternatives connected with architecture, philosophy and other aspects of our daily lives.

The park was originally established in 1996 and since then has continued to grow through various projects and programs which till today are kept under continuous development. One of its most important aspects is the bio-garden, from which virtually 100% of the food consumed in the park comes from, as well as our permaculture-based constructions and various techniques of natural architecture.

Those who live as residents in our park also work as volunteers, devoting their valuable time and energy to develop the project as well as their own personal cultivation, providing holistic capacitation in multiple areas such as languages, tourism, ecology, cooking, philosophy, psychology, music and various arts, among many other opportunities.

The Eco Yoga Park actively promotes community experience, inspiring visitors to have a glimpse of the magic of sharing the same space and interests with a number of people of a similar nature, thus opening the door to a whole new world of friends and relationships that will surely fill you with full joy and enthusiasm.

In our park also runs a Bhakti-yoga ashram (community), also known as the Yoga of Love. In this way, anyone interested can get to know more about the wisdom of India, discovering concepts such as karma, reincarnation, and many other values connected to Eastern spirituality and mysticism, in a number of interesting meetings which are held weekly.

In brief words, with all those who feel inspired, our desire is to share a lifestyle based on simple and healthy living and very deep and high feeling. In this way we can give to each other a whole rage of new experiences that will enrich our life and foster our abilities.