Frecuently Asked Questions

¿Which are the specific days for visiting the park?

Our park is open during all 365 days of the year for the ones who would like to participate in our volunteer program, and weekends and holidays for the other type of visits. Nonetheless, for a better organization we always ask whoever may like to visit us, to call or write to us with some anticipation to tell us about your arrival.

¿Which is the typical time for arriving at the park?

The approx. arrival time is 8-9 AM for breakfast. If someonce cannot come at that time, we can always organize so you can come in a moment of the day that may be the best for you.

¿Which items should be taken for someone who would like to visit you?

Basically, one should bring their personal stuff like comfortable clothes for the activities, grooming items, etc. The rest will be provided by the park.

¿Is there Internet access at the park?

Yes, we have wi-fi for all those who need to Internet connection.

¿Can I speak in some other language if I do not speak spanish very nicely?

Yes, apart from speaking spanish, many members of our community speak english, which greatly facilitates the dialogue for those who do not speak spanish.

¿Which type of diet do you have there?

At the park, we mainly have a vegan diet based on very healthy and tasteful preparations that are mainly coming from our organic garden.

¿Can I go if there is rain?

If rain is there, our park continues with its daily activities, but of course if someone cannot come because of raining, you can communicate with us and change your visit for another suitable day.