By Car from Buenos Aires

Take the freeway heading West towards Luján. Get off at exit 47 km, before there is a sign it says "Jose C. Paz - Las Malvinas - Ruta 24". 150 meters after the toll booth, pass under the bridge and then take a right hand turn (towards Las Malvinas-Ruta 24). Once you arrive at the bridge, take a right turn crossing above towards the western access for 2.5 km. Cross the passage way towards Ruta 7 and continue straight for 4km until the end of the road (calle Corrientes). There you will find Ruta 24 in front the entrance of the "Club El Nacional" where you will take a left and continue until the 48,900 km mark (approx. 5 kms). There you will find on the right a paved street with a sign above which says "Estancia La Margarita". Take that road all the way down until you find a roundabout, once there, go left taking the first dirt road there; 500 meters ahead, turn left at the first street there and 500 meters ahead on the left find a white fence with park admission. During this last stretch, from Route 24 you will find information boards indicating the distances to the park. In case of doubt on the road you can call our cell phone.

By Bus from Buenos Aires

The best way to get to the Park is by taking bus 57 Atlántida from Plaza Once (also known as Plaza Miserere) heading for Luján. You need to get a Sube Card to use the public buses in Argentina, they don't accept cash. Get off at the bus stop La Serenísima (56 minutes), be sure to ask the driver to let you off or he will drive by the stop (these buses run every 25 minutes). About 100 meters away you will see a petrol station called Petrobras (beyond the bridge), on the opposite side of the ride of the petrol station there is a taxi agency called Auto Centro where you can get a cab, ask for Eco Yoga Park in Mi Rincón (15 minutes). If you have any doubts or problems please call our mobile phone at 011-1565070577 You can also reserve before a taxi to pick you up in the bus stop. Call us in that case.

By Taxi from Buenos Aires

The best option if you are planning to come via taxi from Buenos Aires would be to contact us in advance, so we can organize a taxi to pick you up in BA. It is the safest, and easiest option because if we organize the pick up the driver will know how to get you to the park, the trip takes an hour and the driver can pick you up from the place of your choosing. Ask for the costs in

By Taxi from Airport

From the International Airport (Pistarini, Ezeiza) the best way to get to the Park is to take a taxi, it is at 100km and the ride takes 1 hour. The best option is to contact us in advance to organize a driver to pick you up at the airport, they will carry a sign with your name. This option will be safer, and they are sure to know how to get to the park, Ask for the costs in, you can pay at the park in either currency. In case of flight delays there is an additional cost of $USD20 per hour. In case of any doubts or problems at the airport you can call us at our cell phone.