Lady Bird Lake • Austin, Texas


Troughout the year, innumerable young people, students and all types of persons from around the world visit our park so they can have a fully enlivening experience with all of us in our volunteer programmes (national and international).

This program is quite ideal for those who want to experience an eco-village way of life, taking part in sustainable activities such as organic agriculture, eco-building, oriental art & philosophy, mystic tourism, gardening, veg cooking, and, at the same time, meeting many interesting new friends and experiencing the peaceful harmony that yoga and meditation will give to your self.

Volunteers work for 4 1/2 hours a day mainly during the morning, in different activities such as organic gardening, veg cooking, eco building, etc. In the afternoon they have free time to participate in the various activities that the park offers (yoga, meditation, music-therapy, pranayama, walks, philosophy talks, movies, etc).

So in this way, volunteers from all over the world come to the park to discover their skills, get in contact with mother earth, helping us to improve our community, knowing local people, learning spanish and enjoying this unique and attractive experience.

For more information please call or send a message.